7 Chakras

7 Chakras

Our chakras

We have 7 chakras and they are small energy wheels. They have colors like the rainbow and various functions to regulate our mind. If chakras are balanced, we feel good, if they are overactive or underactive, we do not feel good and it turns out in various feelings and behaviors. Our thoughts and feelings are energies and, depending on how our chakras work, we can notice their blockage in various physical functional problems and in our mental attitude. Which leads to our behavior.
The 7 chakras are located from the base of your body to the top of your head. They are not physical entities, they are energies. But they cover both the front and the back of the body and are attached to various organs in the body. Each chakra gets energy from the chakras below, so root chakra is important, we can balance our chakras with meditation, affirmations, visualization.

1 Root chakra
Color: Red
Location: Base of the spine
The physical manifestation here in life, the realization of the contact with the universe. Thanks to that chakra, everything we see around us becomes real.
The energy comes directly from the earth to this chakra, and it in turn gives energy to the next. Its task is to keep us grounded, safe. Like roots of a tree. Anchoring.
When root chakras are in balance, we feel secure, can relax, feel comfortable in our body, are stable and have good health.
When it is blocked, we can feel that we are not in contact with our body, feel fear and anxiety, have a lack of focus and discipline, financial difficulties, inability to organize our lives.
When overactive, you are overweight, angry and aggressive all the time, trying to control others all the time, afraid of changes, addicted to security, material fixation.
Our chakras are also linked to various organs, when they are in imbalance, it turns out in physical ailments.
Rotchakran is attached to the colon, immune system, reproductive organs.
Affirmation to balance the root chakra:
I am grounded and connected to the earth.
I am open to new ideas.
I look good or fit.

I have the right to be here.
I deserve a place on earth.

2 Sacral chakra
Color: Orange
Location: below the navel
Associated with our relationships, creativity, belonging, sexuality, sensuality. Is directly linked to our beliefs.
When sacral chakras are in balance we are happy, healthy, we are emotionally intelligent, can experience pleasure, open up to change, have healthy boundaries, are socially competent.
When it is blocked, we feel depressed, feel shame and guilt, we are unsocial, fear to sex, lack passion in life, cannot enjoy. We feel lonely, suspicious, hard to find friends.
When chakras are overactive, one becomes manipulative of others, the need to assert themselves against other, emotionally dependent, hypersensitivity. Over-dramatize, difficult to set limits. Sacral chakras are linked to reproductive functions, body fluids, taste, colon, lower back and kidneys.
Affirmations to Balance Sacral Chakras:
I am kind and compassionate.
I feel good about my body.
I express my feelings in a positive way

3 Solar Plaxus chakra
Color: Yellow
Location: Above the navel
Lead us in our personal development, both private and professional, the ego, our identity and self-image. Respect for ourselves and for others. The relationship we have to ourselves, and to control our impulses.
When that chakra is in balance, we feel playful, outgoing, self-respecting, self-disciplined, comfortable with change.
When chakras are inactive, we have poor self-esteem, can feel confused, are uneasy about what others think and say about us, feel that others control our lives. We can be repulsive emotionally and become depressed.
When chakras are overactive, we can become aggressive, dominanata, must be right, manipulations.
Solar plaxus is linked to the stomach, bile, liver, pancreas and small intestine and adrenal glands.
Affirmations to balance the solar plexus:
I am connected to a greater life.
I feel valuable, just being me.
I am powerful because I am gentle

4 Heart chakra
Color: green
Location: In the Chest where your heart is.
Center for love, compassion, taking and giving love, spirituality
When it is in balance, it provides us with empathy and compassion, to consider others, the proximity to others. It is also the connection between the mind and the soul. Healthy relationships. And being able to let go and move on.
When chakras are inactive, we sabotage our relationships, isolate ourselves, and become unsocial, supercritical or narcissistic personality, intolerance, uncomprehending for the feelings of others, lack of empathy. Fear of intimate relationships.
Overactive chakra causes us to become clumsy, jealous, addicted and obsessed with others, no interest, influenced by past relationships
Because this chakra is attached to the heart, it becomes like the organs of the heart that are affected by an unbalanced heart chakra. Chest pain, heart problems, blood pressure problems, lungs can be affected.
Affirmations to Balance Heart Chakras:
I sense that everything is interconnected.
I accept myself and others as we are.
I am open to healthy and nurturing relationships.

I have the right to be loved.
I see myself constantly in others.
It's okay to feel compassion.
I can express the love that is already within me.

5 Troat chakra
Color: Blue
Location: In the V between the clavicle of the lower neck
Center for sound. Communication, expressing yourself creatively via thoughts, artistic or through writing. Here are the possibilities for transformation, healing, change.
When the chakras are in balance, our thoughts and what we say are in line with each other, we dare and can express ourselves creatively. Ability to release anger. The ability to make decisions, follow our dreams. We listen to others and make ourselves heard.
When chakras are inactivated, we often have a weak voice, indicating that we dare not say our truth, dare not make us heard. Afraid of talking and having trouble expressing ourselves. Shyness.
When it is overactive, we talk too much with very dominant voice, take too much space, interrupt others, we puts down others, don't listen and always speak self-defense.
Body connection to troat, neck, teeth, ears, thyroid and lungs.
Affirmations to Balance Troatt Chakras:
I can say ‘no’ when it is necessary.
I will think before I speak.
In the list to my intuition.

I speak and hear the truth.
I have the right to be heard
I have the right to say what I think.
I am creative and achieve my goals with ease.
I can choose what is good for me.
My voice is necessary.

6 3rd eye chakra
Color: Indigo blue
Location: Between the eyebrows above the eyes
Center for intelligence, knowledge, wisdom, memory, learning, insights
When in balance we are intuitive, receptive, have good memory, ability to visualize and imagine, perceive and judge situations right, easy to learn, have an excellent self-knowledge, telepathic skills and no fear of death. We are not attracted to material things but receive guidance from a higher self.
When it is blocked, we find it hard to remember, difficult to imagine things, to visualize, focus too much on logic and sudden insights are blocked.
When over-activated, we can hallucinate, have nightmares, obsession, difficulty focusing and concentrating.
Body parts are eyes, face, brain, lymphatic system and endocrine system
Affirmatins to balance the chakra:
I dwell in the present time.
I clearly see the challenges set before me.
I am open to the wisdom or elsewhere.

I have a goal in life
I can focus
I see what's important.
I have access to the insights I need.

7 Crown Chakra
Color: White / Purple
Location: The top of the head
That chakran leads us to different levels of consciousness. The ability to see the unit we are. Everyone is one with the universe (Onenessness). Pure consciousness.
When in balance, we can keep ourselves mentally and physically healthy and in good shape, we understand the laws of nature, we are intelligent and in touch with our soul and with the universe. Has an open mind and is conscious.
When it is underactive, we are cynical against spirituality, we have limited beliefs, we want to control others, we lack a greater meaning in life
When it is overactive, we are not in contact with our body, spiritual dependence, religious fanaticism, confusion, over-intellectualising.
Body connection with the nervous system, pituitary, brain, head
Affirmations for balance:
I experience everything as grace.
I am grounded to the earth and connected to the heavens.
I understand deeper truth and connection.