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"We are not our thoughts, we listen to our thoughts. And it is through our thoughts that we create our reality. And even though we create our world with the help of our thoughts, there is a world beyond our thoughts. Every feeling we experience is a shadow of a thought, not a reflection of the world around us. We live in the feeling of our thoughts, not in the sense of our circumstances. ”- Michael Neil

Neurological research shows that throughout our lifetime, we can "reprogram" the brain, our thoughts and dispose of old beliefs that no longer serve us and create new ones that support us in all areas of life.
It also reveals how important the connection is between mind, body and soul. Research in cell genetics and cell biology also shows how important our thoughts are to our health. We can either destroy the body or we can heal it. 

If we focus on negative things, we experience negative events. Positive thinking starts positive events. That's simple.

We are so much more ...

Transformation makes a continuous shift in our understanding and way of being in the world. We see our highest potential, therefore our experience of everything changes and we begin to move into another world. It is true for all human beings regardless of individual differences. Everyone has the same prerequisites to reach the depth of their interior, everyone has the same prerequisites to take in new information, make new decisions, think new thoughts. To achieve the highest potential, we should take the first steps to understand where we are now.

Rita Persson

 Nurse Psychiatry

CBT practitioner


I have worked in my whole life to help people. First many years in somatics, then in psychiatry.

Have had my own experiences of mental illness when I got fatigue syndrome. I've healed myself from that.

The personal and professional experience has led me to deepen myself in the meaning of being human.How does it work? Why do we think / feel / do as we do?

And as a healthcare professional I could not escape the question: Can we heal physical diseases if we heal our mental attitude? All of us know how they are connected, but not what opportunities we actually have to achieve healing at all levels.