Binaural Beats soundtherapy

Quick facts about binaural beats:
Binaural beats therapy is similar to the effect of meditation.
Binaural beats therapy is a sound technique for self-help. Different sound frequencies are sent to the right and left ear so the brain converts to a third frequency. That frequency is the difference between what comes from the right and left side and you need to have stereo headphones. The recommended time to listen is 15-30 minutes when the brain needs some time to adjust to the frequencies. The period is recommended for 30-40 days at least, but please continue to maintain the effect even after that period. You should listen when you know that you are not disturbed and when you feel relaxed. Just like meditation.
Different frequencies have different purposes, but all binaural beats have advantages that are basic.

The four known categories of frequency patterns include:

improve concentration

Potential benefits are:

reduced stress
reduced anxiety
increased focus
increased concentration
increased motivation
increased confidence
deeper meditation

improved psychological performance


The purpose of using binaural beats therapy may vary between people. Some people may need help to reduce their anxiety, while others may want to increase concentration or deepen their meditation level.

Avoid using binaural beats therapy while performing tasks that require attention, such as using heavy or dangerous machines / tools and driving.
Not recommended for those who have epilepsy!

Studies have shown that binaural beats therapy can help reduce anxiety and the alpha, theta and delta patterns had positive effects on the human body. These binaural improved the production of the cortisol, DHEA and melatonin hormones.

Effects on DHEA:

The hormone DHEA affects how a person ages and resists disease. Higher levels of DHEA are associated with improved health. In this study, 68 percent of participants had increased levels of DHEA while using binaural beats therapy.
Effects on cortisol:

The hormone cortisol is usually associated with stress, and when levels are higher than usual, it can adversely affect the body. High levels of cortisol can lead to a variety of conditions including Cushing syndrome, menstrual cycle and female libido changes, anxiety and depression. A decrease in cortisol of up to 70-80 percent was noted in several study participants.
Effects on melatonin:

The hormone melatonin plays a role in good sleep. This study noted an average increase in melatonin of 97.77 percent.
Another study evaluated eight study participants who listened to delta wave binaural beat therapy every day for 60 days.
The results showed a decrease in anxiety, insulin-like growth factor and dopamine. Participants also experienced an increase in quality of life. Researchers concluded that, although further studies are needed in this area, binaural beats can improve self-reported anxiety.
A more extensive study of over 100 participants who underwent general anesthesia for a daily procedure reported a decrease in preoperative anxiety disorder. Participants in this study listened to 30 minutes of binaural beats before surgery, but researchers pointed out that people experiencing high levels of preoperative anxiety could listen to binaural beats for up to 1 hour before anesthesia to reduce anxiety levels.

To think of:
As with any type of self-help type, it is important to talk to a caregiver or other qualified professional to see if binaural beats are right for them. Should not be used by those who have epilepsy.

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