The electromagnetic activity in the brain can be measured in waves. They affect our lives regardless of whether we are awake or we sleep. From the most active to the most inactive. They determine how we handle our job, handle stress, the ability to relax. They are always active, because if they were not, one would be brain death. There are 5 different levels. Each level corresponds to a specific area and can be stimulated by different activities.

Gamma waves: are associated with learning, information management, perception, memory. Genius waves, highly active consciousness, self-awareness and insights. They improve speech, learning and creativity. One can stimulate gamma waves by training eg. in a new language, look at old pictures and recall memories, deep meditation. Active perception (being very aware of their surroundings and of themselves) also stimulates gamma waves.

Beta Waves: When we are awake and engaged in something, conversation, focus, logical thinking, awareness, emotional control. They are high frequency waves for you to perform
Your information. For the most part, it is a committed state, lecturer, active and interested in a debate, a strongly committed mind. They have a stimulating effect why they are produced during cognitive thinking. Stimulate beta waves by learning something new, reading or studying. Also increases in caffeine intake. Too much activity can lead to stress, anxiety, fear.

Alpha waves: Associated with relaxation in awake state. Is slower with higher amplitude. Dominates on creativity and lucid dreams, calm and peace of mind, mentally coordinated, visualization. Reduction of stress and anxiety. When you are in a stressful situation it is enough that you close your eyes and regulate the breathing that becomes a signal to the brain to stimulate alpha waves. Meditation and creativity also stimulate.

Theta waves: They are involved in several different areas such as daydreams, relaxation, sleep. Usually when you are really relaxed, reduced consciousness, maybe sitting and driving on the highway. You usually get creative ideas and it stands for spontaneous healing. This can also be done in the shower or in the bathtub or when shaving or brushing the hair. It is a state where the data becomes so automatic that you can mentally disconnect them. Thoughts that come here often have free flow and take place without censorship or guilt. It is usually a very positive mental state. It can be stimulated with creativity, meditation. Activates the subconscious. At too much theta activity, one can experience depression.

Delta waves: Associated with deep relaxation, maximum amplitude and slowest frequency. Deep dreamless sleep, recovery, unconscious, no body image. Regulates unconscious body functions such as heartbeat. Activates the subconscious. When we sit down and read a few minutes before we try to sleep, we will probably be in low beta. When we shut down the book, turn off the lights and close our eyes, our brainwaves come down from the beta, to the alpha, to theta and finally when we fall asleep, participate. Meditation is the most effective way to improve delta production.