Conscious 6 levels

Conscious six levels


Your life is a journey to higher consciousness.

  1. Life happens against you.
  2. Life happens with you.
  3. Life happens in you.
  4. Life happens for you.
  5. Life happens through you.
  6. Life is you.


The first level of higher awareness: life happens against you

For a lot of your life, you've probably lived like most people, feeling that life is happening to you. Life is so great and if you are honest with yourself you never really know what will happen next moment. You wake up one morning and your heart is bright and cheerful and the next day you are worried. Your boss dismisses you, the flu weakens you, people you love reject you, every day you get a little older and death always lurks around the corner. So it is understandable that the more unconscious you are, the more often you feel like a victim of life. When you live in the belief that life is happening to you, you often see it as a potential threat.

So you stick to your head and are lost in your story that you resist, react, defend and explain, hoping to find everything. It generally does anything but be open to life, right here, right now.

The second level of higher consciousness: life happens by you

When living with this powerlessness becomes too uncomfortable, you develop the belief that life is happening to you. Instead of being a victim of life, you think you can control it. There may be a sense of personal power at this level of consciousness. It is a necessary step to move out of the sense of sacrifice of the first stage of higher consciousness, but people get stuck there. Men try to control women and vice versa. Religions are trying to control the crowds. Countries are trying to control other countries. Most people try to control others who are not like them (homosexuals, different skin colors, different religions). Most of all we try to control ourselves and hope that we will be what we think we should be.

There is a tremendous amount of effort in this phase of higher consciousness. You think that in order for something good to happen, you have to work hard. So you love to set goals and feel ashamed when you do not follow their commitments (just think of New Year's resolutions!) At this stage we gradually develop in our intentions. The goal is that you use your mind to try to do things that you want them. With intentions you work with knowing what you want to create. None of this is bad or wrong. These are important tools to use along the way and sometimes they actually work. But what would happen if you realized that instead of trying to make things happen, the opening in life will give you what you most desire!

There is a relatively new form of control where you think you can control your reality. In this form of control, the narrator says that all I have to do is think right thoughts and I can do my life as I want it to be. The biggest problem with this is that it does not work in the long run. Believing that you can control life is like being a cork in the sea that thinks it can control the ocean's movement. Yes, it changes the movement of the water exactly where it is, but it cannot affect all other forces that make up the sea.

Being stuck in this phase of higher consciousness is to be cut off from the creative flow of life. Believing that you are responsible for life, you are mainly identified with your conceptual world and try to create a reality rather than showcase reality. We do not see things as they are. We see them as we are.

 Once you have lived on this level of awareness long enough, you see the disadvantage of it. First, you find yourself afraid of your thoughts: I should not think this way because I will manifest this in my world. Secondly, it can also cause shame, because when it doesn't work as you have hoped, you think it is because you haven't done it well enough.


The third level of higher awareness: life happens in you

You eventually begin to see that all your reactions and controls have not led you to the ease and joy you desire. Instead of becoming a victim of your life or needing to do it in a special way, which is an endless struggle, you begin to get a glimpse that life is something to listen to, open up for. Here you begin to develop into the next phase of higher consciousness, where life happens in you.

At this level of awareness you begin to realize something very startling:

It is in this phase of higher consciousness that you realize that your suffering does not come from the experience of life. Instead, it comes from your stories of what happens. It comes from inside you! It can be a gray day and you feel good. Another gray day you can feel miserable. You might say it is because the day is gray, but it comes from your story of the day, not the day itself.

You become less interested in becoming a victim of your life or even trying to do it differently than it is. You realize that the healing you crave comes when you pay attention to your interior. As you learn the characteristics that are the source of your suffering, you can get rid of them and come back to life.


The Fourth Level of Higher Awareness: Life Happens for You

The more you become curious about what happens instead of reacting and steering, the more you come to a wonderful insight that your life is for you. Rather than life being something that happens to you that you have to control, you realize that there are no ordinary moments! And you are one step further on the journey to higher consciousness. Life is not a random series of events. It's a very intelligent development that puts you in precise situations you need to see and remove that keep you from the flow. Whatever happens in your life, you finally understand that life knows what it does.

At this level of consciousness, rather than life being something you have to shape what you want it to be, you begin to emerge for life just as it is. Yes, the flow of life includes pain, loss, and death. But the resilience to the pain of life only makes them suffering, and the suffering that comes from resistance is always much greater than experiencing your pain directly. Instead of sharpening your experiences and turning away from those who only devour the struggle, you pay attention to your experience, no matter what it is.

 Even small moments of curiosity about what is happening right now are flowing all day long! Each time you respond rather than responding to what is happening within you, what was previously bound to begin begins. Remember that your natural condition is free-flowing survival. When that survival becomes trapped in the magicians, your energy and joy subdue. When the spells receive the light of your attention, they release, and the captured energy flows freely, causing joy of openness. Remember: Life is built up, to raise, what has been bound so it can be opened, to be liberated, so you can show up for life!

Close your eyes for a few moments and open into this living moment of your life. Hear it, feel it. This is the only moment that matters throughout your life, because that is the only moment in which life happens!


The fifth level of higher consciousness: life happens through you

The phase of higher consciousness shows you that there is no such thing as a regular moment in your life and helps you see that life speaks to you all the time. Be curious about what you are experiencing and you develop into the next level of consciousness to let life go through you. Here you recognize that life is reliable. It's not always nice, but it knows what it does.

Imagine a life where you trust life. Every morning you wake up with a sense of adventure. Your mind is curious and your heart is open. Instead of struggling with life, you open it, even when you face deep challenges. If you are in reaction, give your reaction the attention it needs to release.

The lively flow of energy that is life now moves freely through you, and this gives you the joy and survival you long for. Creativity that you could never imagine yourself becomes clear to you, bless yourself and all you face with the wisdom of life.

You experience deep gratitude for absolutely everything. You see that your life is dependent on every ounce of creativity that has ever happened in the universe. You also see that everything that has happened to you, even the hard one, has been part of your journey back to life. Step by step Life leads you to higher consciousness, to the ability to be completely here for life. Now you can relax and enjoy the adventure. You will find your way by being carefully and sensually linked to exactly where you are, let's go here and now lead you.

Sixth Level of Higher Awareness: Life is you

You are no longer a separate being. Instead, you unite yourself with the creative flow of life, understand that everything - every stone, person, cloud, molecule and ladybug - is you. You are life! You are not in the universe; you are the universe, a built-in part of it. In the end, you are not a person, but a point of contact where the universe becomes aware of itself. What a wonderful miracle.

When you look closely at the six phases of higher consciousness, you will see that the first two are about fixing, changing, resisting, and trying to control life (life happens to you). These phases are you who do not want what is here (do not know how to open for life) and want what is not here (I can have what I want if I just believe right). During both of these levels of consciousness, there is a veil between you and Life's living experience because no phase is about enjoying the creative river of life.

The following two phases of higher consciousness are about using your mind to be curious about what happens instead of resisting and controlling. Instead of trying to change something, you become interested in what you are experiencing at a given moment. The more you are here for life, the more it becomes simple and the difficult, the joyful and the miserable, dependent on all your explanations, the clearer it becomes that life knows what it does and that is for you.

The last two phases of higher consciousness are about coming home to the meadow. The more you live the truth that life is for you, the more you relax in the flow, which leads you to the joy of life that moves through you. When your clouds disappear, you do not just know the meadow again, you recognize that you are the meadow! Life is you and you are life!

You are not in the universe; you are the universe, a built-in part of it.