What the new science says about DNA
(A summary note of a webinar with researchers)

Everything is created from the inside out. You are the creator. Environment and consciousness are in full contact with each other. If we change our perception and how we respond to our environment, we change our biology.

Less than 1% of diseases depend on genetics. The rest of our lives are shaped by consciousness. It is environment, perceptions and consciousness that controls our lives.

When we change our perception and consciousness, we change our creation.

Conscious consciousness presents the program that the subconscious creates.

Children's brain operates from a low frequency for the first 7 years. This means that they are not aware of the world, what they do is download programs and archive them. The

programs that we downloaded in the first years shape our lives and beliefs. E.g. how to
behave, how to perceive and react / act on the world. Those years are not self-programmed,
but copies of others in our environment. After the first 7 years, the child IS the programs that have been downloaded and the child starts to run them consciously.

And we continue through life. But as soon as we stop and take over and become the creator everything changes.

If we look at our life and missing love, meaning, health, it is because we didn’t get positive programming for it.

Our outer world is a copy of our subconscious programming. Things that work well in our lives, we have a program for. E.g. some people have no problems creating a growing and safe economy while they are struggling with
relationship problems that come back over and over again. They run their positive program for economics and theirs negative for relationships.

What is good in our life is good because it is our absolute truth, we expect it without treading. As obvious as we breathe. We do not question it. And what doesn't work is because we do not expect it to work. Here we talk about deep convictions in the subconscious programming, not what we desire in our consciousness. It is a why it does not work to wish the jackpot on the lottery.

When we experience difficulties in life, it is not circumstances and the outside world we struggle with but with our subconscious programming. No matter how much we want if we lack programs for the subject, we will not get it.
Genes (DNA) are just a blueprint and are not good or bad, on or off. It's just a foundation based creation of cells.

It does not create diseases or health. It only produces protein.
Protein is a complex molecule that produces cells and the body can create 3000 different results from the same blueprint.

The old idea is that we have different genes that make us sick and we think we are helpless.
(I have cancer genes, I have diabetes genes, I have a predisposition for cardiovascular diseases…). It's false. All that happens because we do not live in harmony with the planet, with ourselves and others.
But you can change blueprint, DNA. But you do it consciously instead of leaning back and accusing genes or circumstances and thinking we have nothing to do with those things.

When people hear this, they become denial, who would like to choose and have diseases.
But this has not been done consciously, nobody has so far spoken about the fact that we bear the responsibility for our health and our lives. So do not feel accused. It was unknown to many until recently.

But now that information is spreading across the world, you know,
and those who take this and their responsibility will be able to make changes. While those who reject it (as many other new research have initially rejected in the history we live by today) are running their old programs and never come from their worries.