How can we forgive?

Sometimes it is difficult to understand other peoples actions and behaviors.
We learned how to see the world from the people around us and our experiences. We are all different.

Forgiveness does not mean that what someone has done to you is okay.
It means to eliminate negativite feelings by releasing the backpack.
Forgiveness is for our own growth and happiness. When we continue to feel pain and anger, it hurts us much more than what hurt us from the beginning.

Forgiveness set us free to live in the present. To relive what happened to oss over and over again keeps us in the past. We miss here and now that can be so much better.

Forgiveness allows us to move forward without anger or contempt or seek revenge.
Even if you are not actively seeking revenge, your anger keeps you down.
Forgiveness allows us to regain our personal power. Our anger, regret against someone means that we give up our power to that person. As long as you can't move on with a pure heart and forgive, the person will have a negative effect on you and your feelings.

Forgiveness is also important for physical and mental health. The body responds negative emotions that affect the immune system in a way that it breaks down.
And when the immune system is weak enough, diseases take over the body.
When you hold on to the pain you are left in the past and you will also project it into your future.
But you have a choice. Be bitter or let it go.

Take the time to process your anger and your pain. Enter your feelings and analyze what you feel. Injured, betrayed, scared, anxious. Be sure you understand your feelings and express them.
If you don't know what you have to work with so you can not achieve results.
Try to see it all from the other's perspective. Although this is difficult, it is still very important to try to understand why the other wounded you.
(Understanding does not mean accepting, but is a step towards forgiveness.)
Forgive yourself for what you contributed to what happened. Even if you don't find something wrong you have done so think about how your way of being has contributed.
Had you not set any limits and implicitly, you have allowed others to'drive over you? If you do not know how to value yourself, how should others be able to do?

Once you have all the answers leave the past.

Realize when it's time to forgive and release
You feel drained, and feelings of anger or grief prevent you from living a more positive life.
Anger and / or revenge is what you really put energy on your life.
You notice that you are living more in the past than in the present.

You know that fear keeps you back from moving on.

Although fear is unpleasant, it keeps you safe and protected from further evil, but it also keeps you from more joy.

Find the beauty of your present life. We can all find beauty and love in our relationships if we can learn to forgive.

The peace that can come with forgiveness is well worth the process.