The layers of consciousness

The conscious, subconscious mind - how does it all work?
Your brain contains around 100 billion nerve cells, or neurons, that make up your central nervous system.

These neurons transmit and receive electrochemical signals, which are basically your thoughts, emotions, actions and the automatic functions of your body.

Your conscious mind
It takes only a small part of the space at the top of an iceberg, it is only one little bit of what is visible
over the water. It probably represents about 10% of yours brain power.
Your conscious mind is responsible for gathering data, assessing and processing the data you’re
collecting, finding patterns and makes comparisons, making decisions and gives orders, controlling your short-term memory. When something is in your conscious mind, it’s deliberate and you’re ‘aware’ of it.

The Unconscious Mind
The other 90% of your software is your unconscious mind. It feels inaccessible, because you’re not
consciously aware of what goes on in there, but your unconscious mind is immensely powerful.
It runs most of the workings of your body – e.g. breathing, digestion, sleeping, heart rate, all without
you having to lift a finger (and it controls that too). It protects you by trying to maintain the status
quo, which is why you sometimes feel uncomfortable when you’re trying to make a change. Your
mind wants to steer you back to what is familiar and therefor ‘safe’. The logic of these two senses is
that if it worked earlier and you survived, it will help you. Get through similar situations in the same
way, no matter how misunderstood, painful and unhelpful results can be for you personally.
It’s the seat of your emotions, it’s where your imagination and creativity stem from. It’s also where
your habits are created and maintained. Your subconscious mind obeys instructions from your
conscious mind. It stores and retrieves longer term memories.
Your unconscious mind isn’t rational. It doesn’t make judgements and if can’t distinguish between
right or wrong, good or bad. Is simply accepts what it is told or shown as the truth, regardless of the
veracity of the information. You then automatically think and feel and behave in a way that is
consistent with that truth.

How they work together
Your conscious mind is delegating, giving orders but the subconscious and deeper unconscious
performs the order, according to which training that had received over the years to best do this.
The conscious mind communicates with the outside world and the inner self through speech, images,
writing, physical motion and thought.
The unconscious mind is taking care of all memories and past experiences. From our unconscious
mind builds our experience like thoughts, habits and behaviors.
The subconscious mind gives us the meaning for all our interactions with the world, which are
filtered through our own beliefs and habits. It communicates through emotions, imagination,
sensations and dreams.
You can have more control over how to use the combined power of your conscious and subconscious
minds to think in a more healthy, flexible way, because you know the unconscious mind create and
maintain habits (both good and bad) and how you can use this knowledge to your advantage.
The benefits include improved self-esteem, far less emotional upheaval and a much greater ability to
achieve what you want in life.
The conscious is everything you do, think and logically reason. But yours subconscious mind is the
storage place for all your memories, feelings and habits and is actually very good on reasoning and
logic. The two most powerful features that the conscious mind does:
1. Its ability to direct your focus.

2. Its ability to imagine what is not real

Target your focus
While the subconscious mind has a much stronger sense of awareness of your surroundings than
your conscious mind (some suggest that your "sixth sense" comes from here) and is always turned on, it really only follows orders from your conscious mind. If all you do is to focus your conscious thoughts on constantly negative things, your subconscious will obediently create these feelings, feelings and memories that you have associated with that kind of thinking.
Managing your focus is quite simple. Everything is about choosing. To decide how you will think and
what thoughts you will allow in your mind determine your destiny. It can literally be used for good or
evil, constructive or destructive.
Our thoughts are probably the only true freedom we have. A man can be physically trapped in prison
in absolute inhuman conditions and yet be free in his own mind - Nelson Mandela (among many others) is proof of that fact. We alone can choose how we should respond to our experiences in life.
The disadvantage of taking responsibility for their own thoughts is that you cannot blame anyone

Use your imagination
The other important ability of the conscious mind is the use of visualization. Your mind can literally imagine something that is completely new and unique - something you have never physically experienced before.
However, your subconscious can only offer versions of which memories have been stored by yours past experience. But the really nice trick is that the subconscious cannot distinguish between it and the conscious. The mind imagines and what is real, not what is right or wrong. It only performs the
order it has received from your conscious mind. No questions, no speculation. So what you focus intensely on also give rise to all the feelings associated with that image in your mind.
Visualization can be used to create some amazing results.

How to change yor life
If you want a change in your life at the core level then you have to work with your programs in your unconscious mind. There is a special method to do that, but start by becoming aware of yours thoughts. By constantly being responsible for your own thoughts, by directing your focus and use visualization you can influence which programs the subconscious mind is constantly running.

Repeat it many times, have patience and take it with emotional energy and then you start reprogramming unconscious and belief system.

And when that happens, you experience change at a very deep level!