Negative thoughts

How to get rid of negative thoughts

Be observant on your thoughts. When you are in silence you can practice observing your thoughts. At the moment you think of a negative thought, you say stop! Note and acknowledge that a negative thought appeared and then shut it down. You do not argue, you do not analyze, you do not defend yourself against it, you just stop it. And you think of a completely different thought in your mind. Stop immediately!
You can also think that it is just a thought and have no power over you as long as you do not react to it. Just a bad thought, nothing to linger with. Because if you do, it has you in a firm grip. Always keep in mind that negative energy can only affect you if you allow it. If you continue and jump on that train you will soon feel very bad. We create our feelings with our thoughts. And emotions can also create thoughts. So what you give power to has power over you. When you know it, it is your choice not to react to it, or to jump on the train and spin down into a downward spiral. Go and do something else to distract you and thus reject it
You can also exaggerate your negative thoughts to the limit that they become ridiculous and eventually make you laugh at them. Use your imagination as if you were talking to a friend and laughing at a situation by painting it, distorting it, making it a fun story to laugh at.

Do not feed your negative thoughts, you can instead say the exact opposite to what the thought tells you. If you think that "Today it will be no fun day" then you contemplate thinking "Today will be a funny day" Then you remove the power of the negative thought, remain only the positive feeling. Instead of focusing on the negative thought and building up your negative emotions, you can cut off the flow of negativity by opposing that thought of positivity. And build that feeling instead.
You can also use affirmations. Affirmations are extremely effective, especially on the recurring negativity, those who have haunted you for years. You think out some positive affirmations that you can write down and repeat each time when negativity appears in your mind. You can read your affirmations even if you do not have negative thoughts, your subconscious mind embraces affirmations and you can protect yourself generally against these thoughts because your subconscious mind counteracts those with repeated affirmations.

Negative thoughts creep on almost unnoticed, therefore it is important that you're training to observe your thoughts. The more trained you are, the earlier you catch them and can fix them before they pull you down into negative emotions and more negative thoughts. Remember, we choose which thoughts we nourish and that determines how we feel. If you use these techniques, you can feel prepared and protected at all times.

Some tips on affirmations:

1. I let go of all the thoughts which no longer serve me.

2. I let go of the need to replay things over and over in my mind

3. I let go of the old habits that pull me down and replace them with new positive ones.

4. I let go of all the worries and fears and trust in the creator's plan

5. I let go of all the guilt, resentment, sadness and allow myself to fogive. Forgive others and myself.

6. I let go of all the past and allow myself to live fully in the present.

7. I allow myself to rest, rest fully and deeply.