The matrix

We are provided with negative information all the time by media, it's news (how often do they tell about something nice that has happened?), There are new discoveries of things we can or will definitely get sick of, on social media we often read about how sick others are, we are asked to buy a lot of things that help us to stay above the water surface ... then there are assets at another level when we read about beauty operations for expensive money to be able to stop time for a while (such operations If we require maintenance, we have started, we must continue if we do not want to look worse than before the operation. We are simply exposed to too much negative energy and if we are in the matrix we are swept along, we buy everything that is recommended, we believe in everything that is said and correct our lives after that.
Then add the technological developments that seem to progress with leaps and bounds, while becoming more and more emotionally blurred. We do not see others out in the street who need help, we do not interfere in whether we see that any trouble is going on because we think of ourselves, do not want to expose ourselves to unpleasant experiences. We do not react to anything outside our cyber world, but if a notification comes out of social media, our attention is captured directly and the world ceases to exist. “How many likes did I get on my picture of my ham sandwich? How many feel sorry for me because I'm sick? And those who don't, they'll be gone! Those who do not care should not be my friends on facebookb and/or instagram. Not to mention the politicians, everything is wrong, people notice and put labels on others, who may be in one place and who are not allowed to be anywhere, imagine if I could take over the board! Then there would be order in the world! "
And many wonder ... where is the world going? Why does society look like it does?
But more and more people are starting to wake up. Who skips television, radio, social media and recreates a life outside and independent of these media. And they actually feel better than they have done for a long time. Because they opt out of all this negativity and focus on what is good instead. They feel that all bitterness in the world cannot reach them. And others who think it is scary ot crazy may like to think what they want .... that is their problem. What others think is the first thing that stops playing any role. What matters more and more is what they think of themselves, about what they can achieve, about finding their way to happiness and inner peace.
Achieving a dream or a goal, developing as a person or in a professional field and discovering who they are and what they are capable of. Cool!