The power of thought ... your thoughts

Have you ever given much "thought" to what your thoughts are, where they come from or the power they have shaped your life? Have you ever thought about the fact that your thoughts are derived from and triggered as a result of pure consciousness? If you answer no to the vast majority, then that's what we should look at here ... The power of thought ... more specifically the power of your individually chosen thoughts and the decisive, all-encompassing role they play in determining how all events, states and circumstances in your life unfold as a result of this creative force. While it is not the power of your thoughts alone that determines how things evolve, your chosen thoughts combine with the power of emotions that each of our chosen thoughts creates. Understanding and learning consciously and intentionally directing the power of your thoughts is an important and necessary component to achieve and experience your most sought after dreams and desires. On a larger scale, the power of thought for humanity is jointly decisive and determines the quality of our development as a species.

In order to understand how and why the power of thought shapes our lives, it may be helpful or necessary to deepen and discover the role that consciousness plays, not just in your own life but in every aspect of the life settlement. When you understand how your conscious mind and your subconscious mind interact with universal consciousness (collective consciousness), you begin to get really excited about your individual potential and what is available to and for you. By learning to choose to consciously target the thoughts that you are thinking, you can also consciously control the feelings that these thoughts create. A conscious choice to develop emotional ability enables and allows you to understand and see what difference your mind, thoughts and feelings created as a result of these thoughts have in determining the type and quality of your life. You know what power you have and the important role you play in the creative process of your own development. Developing understanding of how the power of thoughts affects every area of ​​your life will be important. Doing so can not only give the desired results that we all strive for in physical life, but prove that we get a sense of peace, well-being and overall realization that simply cannot be described by the limitations of human language. Everything starts with and happens as a result of the thought.

The overwhelming thoughts that you choose to think in combination with the emotions that these thoughts create will surely shape your life physically, economically, relationally, emotionally, and spiritually. The idea is the seed that determines what variety and quality your harvest has and the quality of your experience in the outside world. Take a look at the power of thought in the physical world and how others' thoughts have affected your life. If you listen to your friends and your family, you are sure that money is not enough or just goes around, that illnesses are constantly present. Or you hear positive statements where you can actually even see results. You probably think of yourself: "Yes, yes, they think of these things because that is the situation they are in!" This is where you need to make a big shift in your thinking. A paradigm shift. The reason they are in the situation they are in is because of the overwhelming thoughts and beliefs about lack (fear) and limitation that they have established, which is exactly what attracted and created the situation in the first place. Before they are willing and able to change the first underlying thought process that created the situation and / or the emotions that accompany those patterns, they will continue to attract and experience the same results and they will remain "seemingly firm" in that situation. . The power of thoughts plays a big role in determining what quality your life has. The quality of the consistent thoughts you choose defines and shapes your life physically, economically, relationally, emotionally, and / or spiritually.

The conventional wisdom of the world is "I believe in it when I see it." However, you need to turn it around "Believe it, you will see it!" If you deliberately desire a specific result, your predominant focus is on what you do not have or do not want rather than what you want to experience. An example: If you go into a dark room that is full of beautiful things and then there are other objects there that are not so appealing. You have a flashlight and illuminate a less attractive painting. You think it is very disgusting, it illuminates it with your flashlight and is not aware of what is more in the room. There is something you would like to have, but you do not see it, because it is dark and you highlight a single painting that you do not like. You focus on what you don't want and miss what you want. You create more of what you do not want. The subconscious mind is non-critical and does not exercise the same "rational" process of thought that the conscious mind does. It accepts what data it provides. It's not picky. It does not distinguish between "positive and negative". It does not understand the "negative". One can say that it innocently accepts and records which data you input. Negative targeted and focused thoughts in an area of ​​life do not necessarily adversely affect other areas of life. It is possible for someone to be negative about a certain relationship and still have a great financial wealth.

Likewise, it is also possible to know someone with abundant health, who cannot succeed with the economy. The predominantly mental thought processes regarding health would be positive, but the thought or attitude (seed) towards economics would be lacking to provide a harvest that harmonizes with the seed.

What is crucial for you to understand is this. If you choose to have a rich, happy, balanced and harmonious life, the quality of life needs thoughts focused on and in harmony with what is desirable and not what is missing. That which gives the power of thought their "power". The idea is the cause of the event.

Nothing can happen unless a thought is born. While many have heard these different truths, the majority relate only to visible physical activity and fail to look deep enough to develop the understanding that for a physical activity to happen, a thought or consciousness must first create it. 

As you begin to "really" understand this, you begin to clearly see and understand the creative power of thought and how it can and affect every aspect of your life. Just as you plant a seed in the soil, it must produce a plant that corresponds to the seed that was planted. If you were to plant grass seeds, you really couldn't expect them to produce a big beautiful oak. If you plant grass seeds, you get grass. If you plant a pumpkin core, you get a pumpkin. Your control over the thought can only be determined by your willingness to accept the fact that it is true and become aware of the thoughts you choose to think. It doesn't matter if you are aware of it or not. Just like the seeds, whether you know what (or believe) that was planted or not, it never gets wrong. When the thought is repeated, the brain then sets a feeling for the person who further intensifies it and even more brain cells are attracted to it. This is then sent to and absorbed in the subconscious that stores and immediately begins to act on the received information. This part of you (subconscious mind) does not distinguish between right and wrong, true or false, good or bad, etc. It only acts as a storage device and stores exactly what is given to it. Based on the information given to it, it then progresses to the work to match these thoughts and feelings.