People in your life you can be without

Sometimes it’s difficult to avoid negative people. We may have meet them at work or they are in the family, but you can protect yourself.
We can’t change other people. Selfish, self-absorbed people are not interested in others or their relationship to others. Dear only interested in their own problems and needs.
Manipulating people drain you on energy, they expect you to please them, making you compromise more and more. This is exhausting and are not acceptable limits.
Find out what you can accept and what you cannot accept from everyone in your live, colleagues, family or friends to make you feel good. When you feel something is wrong, check through your list and hold to the limits consciously and strictly.
Negative people consciously create drama to get more attention and they are masters of manipulation, so be on your guard next time you meet someone who takes your energy. You may think you are a bad person when you don't set up, but remember that you do not act as a genuine person in real distress.
If you spend a lot of time trying to understand a person's negatives behavior your energy sucks away
even when they are no longer in your life.

If you know yourself and accept your weaknesses and balance them against your strengths, you will not be easily manipulated by a person like trying to play on your weaknesses.
Manipulating people do not see you, they only see their power over yours feelings. Their own dark feelings what they do not want to admit or accept in themselves they project on you.

See their behavior for what it is, a way to avoid the truth about themselves.
If they feel ignored, they feel they can't control or manipulate others. They can try to go even harder than before in their desperate need to avoid all responsibility, but do not give in to their behavior.
Instead, remind yourself that you have to show these people to theirs behavior is not acceptable.
Eventually they will back because their needs are not met.
Conflict with toxic people requires much energy and time. You do not have to participate in every war they are trying to start. Save your energy to take care for yourself and have nourishing relationships with people who give you energy and joy.