Trust and faith

Trust and Faith

Sometimes when things do not go as we want in our lives, we can perceive ourselves as unsuccessful, and then we lose faith and hope both on ourselves and our future.

What is the difference between faith and hope?

The hope of an expectation that something good will happen is in our thoughts and our mind while faith in something penetrates into our hearts and minds. Faith goes deeper than hope.
While life can have difficult periods and challenges, we have a belief in a better future after all and that is what causes a reason why we continue. The importance of having faith in the future cannot be underestimated. It is as important as any other life support function in order for us to work.

Trust and embrace the unknown.

That you have confidence and faith for people you do not know, for events that you are not familiar with or comfortable with is of the utmost importance if you are to be able to live normally. How else do you dare to get in the car and drive out among other drivers? How do you know that oncoming traffic will not frontal to you? It's just a white line that sets you apart? You have confidence that others are doing their driving (even if you are on guard) and if you had not dared to trust others then you would never set foot outside the home's safe walls. As you can see, it is a fundamental requirement in life that we all have and need to have. It has nothing to do with either religion or other mysterious things. It's just the facts.

You can't always control what is happening around you, but you have control over how you respond to what happens. What you do not understand or can handle, you simply have to trust and believe that there is a reason and that you will get your answer.
People are created to express their creativity, let their lives show up through them, thrive, enjoy and not to fight to survive. Just because you are put to the test by adversity in life does not mean that there is no meaning and that you should give up. As long as you have confidence, life will improve. No one has ever died on this made until one has given up. If you have setbacks in life, it is to awaken your attention to the need to make changes. It takes time and patience, you need to listen to their interior to find answers, but if you are looking in your heart and in your soul you will get guidance. Reflect, restructure, reorganize and, above all, encourage yourself. Adversity is almost always a sign that life wants to show us that it is time to do something new and different.

Failure is an opportunity to see what has gone wrong to be able to do better next time. You learn from them, not stopped by them. For each failure you get a new knowledge. Never let one or more failures push you down and never lose your confidence that things will end in the end. Because it makes them. We all have the same right to happiness and happiness and there is for everyone if you are only willing to see it and receive it.
The mind is an incredibly powerful tool. If we focus on problems, we will have more problems and will find it difficult to find a positive way of thinking. If we focus on good things, we experience more good things. Along with the mind, faith can do wonders for your mind because if you have faith, you move in the positive direction despite difficulties in life. And that makes you slide through dark moments more easily and get out faster on the tunnel's other side where the light is. Because you expect and believe in finding the light. The saying "What does not kill you makes you stronger" is truth. When we walk through challenges in life, our trust that holds us in our hands and helps us when we feel that we cannot do more. It is the strength that makes us continue. It doesn't matter if your trust and faith are to God, the Universe, or to yourself, as long as you believe you are going through life with a light that leads you along the way.

Your belief that things work out also reduces the stress that can come from worry and fear. Stress is already proven related to countless diseases. It's not about ignoring problems, it's just about having the belief that whatever it is, it will solve itself. It is an expectation in a positive sense.
Your strong belief in something can also help you find solutions. If you really want something then it will lead you right and make sure you never give up your dreams.