We are becoming increasingly unhappy despite the fact that we are getting more technical development and accessibility. It is becoming a public disease. But happiness is really something that is within you, you are born with it. But along the way we have developed behaviors, we make sense, we have great expectations of ourselves and others. These distortions (which I will go through in my next course) will push us away from the inherent happiness that we all have.

Happiness is the quality of your thoughts. By changing your mindset, you can experience happiness at a level that is meant to be experienced. It is you who choose your thoughts, we are born free to choose our thoughts. Thoughts generate emotions and behaviors. As you change your mind, you begin to see that your world is changing.

Many claim that they are so stressed that they do not have time or can make any change, but all excuses for not making change are based on fear of the unknown. We always make time for what is important to us. However, we avoid everything that can feel awkward, human likes comfort . Would like to stay within the box, rather avoid pain than experiencing joy. This avoidance can create a chain of negative emotions and we create problems that were not there from the beginning. And yet we believe that choosing happiness should be an obvious choice.

To be grateful for what you have, to have a goal that you want to achieve and to enjoy the process instead of seeing it as something difficult can lead your way to happiness. Everything is about changing your patterns of thinking, turning off the autopilot and deliberately steering their thoughts towards happiness.

Happiness is within you here and now, you just have to set your mind to find it again. You will not be happy if you make more money, you will be happy when you buy the new house or car. But when you are happy you may be able to make more money, buy the house or the car. Many wait for better times and put their happiness to something outside themselves. There you will not find happiness. To be here and now, appreciate what is here and now, be grateful and look forward to what is to come is closer to the truth.