Victim Mentality

This is a way how we deal with life. It does not mean situations where we have become a victim of
crime or accident.
When someone has this form of dysfunctional perception they think life is not just outside of
themselves but even that life wants to hurt them. The victim does not know or understand how to
take responsibility for his or her thoughts and feelings. A result is that they blame circumstances
and other people for everything they struggel with in their lives. They are constantly afraid and
prepared for the next adversity, and of course, themselves have no involvement in it. The victim is
also bitter, sad and angry, pointing finger, accusing. Talk to anyone who wants to listen about the
difficulties he or she needs to wrestle with and search confirmation of his or her own way of
projecting their thoughts and feelings into reality. Looking for compassion and when they don't get it they get upset.

There are a number of circumstances that make it difficult for a victim to get out of this unpleasent circle.

  • They do not have take responsibility for their thoughts, feelings and behaviors.
  • They can easily manipulate others by playing on their compassion and getting what they want from every situation.
  • They believe in that they have right to complain and they will with pleasure associate with people who has equal personalities because then they get the confirmation they are looking for.
  • They have right to blame others for what they feel.

No one is born as a victim, these people have taken their lessons either from childhood or later in life. We download information between 0-7 years. After that we start to form our own
consciousness. We are shaped by the people around us, parents, siblings, teachers, friends, the relationship with them and their relationships with others and the way they deal with life. We build our beliefs, what is right and what is not, what we can and cannot do, how we act and react.

No matter what it depends on, they have developed a behavior as a victim, but everyone needs to take responsibility, to take over the power of their own life.
But the most important thing is to gain insight into thoughts and feelings and behaviors. To analyze yourself and to want to do the changes it takes. Because the more people dig into adversity in life,
the deeper down they go into the evil spiral of emotions, the more confirmations they get about a darkside of life, there is no way out, life is bad and everything goes against them.

When trying to break this pattern of thinking, they can start with themselves and their
thoughts and feelings instead of projecting them on others.

  • A good way is to start thinking about what the word responsibility means for them.
  • They can avoid responsibility consciously or unconsciously.
  • Explore what awareness and self-awareness means.
  • Look over their values and beliefs. Although some are very good, there are perhaps some that make it impossible to get rid of their mental state and they just hold them back.

The only person you can control and have responsibility for is yourself. We cannot change circumstances, the world, we can only change how we choose to think and look at it.